This is JetSurf, the ultra-light motorized surf board. A sport that combines surfing, high octane motor sports and fun. JetSurf is designed to challenge water sports ans sports lovers everywhere. Take your board on a plane to your favorites places and hang out with your friends – with JetSurf you don’t need a boat, or even a wave to surf. Participate the MotoSurfWorldCup racing series and visit sport clubs all around the world. A great way to exercise while having fun. Weighs only 30 lb (Dry weight) our boards are easy to transport by hand, ship, plane or car.


The first board prototype was created in a little workshop as result of experimentation by a group of enthusiasts in 1994. After 10 years of development, the first ever JetSurft hit the market in 2004, and from there on it's hevent been stopped imptoving and developing . The JetSurf boards have been widely tested, proved and redefined with over a thousand improvements - always innovating it to make it the fastest, the most ecological and dynamic board in the market.

There is always room to improve, therefore, the developing process is flexible and constant. JetSurf is putting maximum care of the production process for the best and most reliable motorized surf boards in the world. The exceptional quality and construction of the boards is never compromised. for this reason, 90% of both the parts and the boards are made in a single factory, this to ensure the highest level of quality and control, from the beginning to the end. Each board goes through a series of strict tests before being put out in the market, including 30 hours in a testing pool to simulate the use of the engine in extreme situations.



JetSurf was designed with high concern for the ocean and the enviroment in which it will operate. For this reason, the boards are equiped with an internal combustion engine that uses "Greentech" technology, which is in regulation with both the muffler and sound emissions requierments. JetSurf boards are certified and approved by the European Emission, and it's sealed with the CE stamp, which indicates that it complies with the UE saftey, and the requirements for enviromental protection.

Jetsurf bornfor raceOrange


JetSurf is the only motorized board that can be transported by a single person and can be easily carried on marine vessel, plane (as a documented luggage on a comercial or international flight) or cars. The average weight of a board is 30lb, which permits the JetSurf owners to travel and explore the world in a unique way.


In order to guarantee the highest quality standards, we have entrusted the production of JetSurf boards to MSR Engines, a Czech manufacturer specializing in the development of combustion engines and special parts for BMW, Skoda, KTM and Honeywell, using the best materials and components currently produced in the European Union.