We are a team of ambassadors, importing the passion of the new Jetsurf sport to Mexico. We share knowledge and teachings of the Jetsurf world in the exotic Caribbean Sea to the adventures families. We form exceptional adepts who lives the emotions and adrenaline of the sport. We generate highly competitive riders to elevate them to the world of professional races.


Paving the roads to take our passion to the highest professional level of international Jetsurf races. To form competitive riders from our unique Cancun Jetsurf Academy and Training Center in Mexico. Create service centers at the best locations in México, for the development of the sport with highly trained and certified leaders.



Give the opportunity to both our team of employees and customers, so they can express themselves safely in case of differences of opinions or beliefs, so they always be presented with respect and cordiality.


We create an environment of trust in which we give free access to information and open communication to the reality of the organization to all stakeholders.


We share our knowledge through highly trained and prepared team members to all adepts of the sport.


We are persistent, creating better ways of doing things. We do not rest on our achievements but build with them our personal and professional way to be better and set new standards in our industry. We always demand more from ourselves, to exceed the expectations of our customers.


We are characterized as being consistent by what we say and what we do, according to our values of truth and justice.