Can I book my hotel through you?

Sure, we have special rates and deals only for our members. Contact us by phone or e-mail for more information.

How can I get transportation with my Jetsurf?

We have special rates for private transportation for you and your Jetsurf. Contact us by phone or e-mail for more information.

How can I book my demo?

Contact us by chat, phone or e-mail to reserve your demo date. Your reservation will be confirmed with the reception of your deposit.

Can I travel with my JetSurf board?

Thanks to its light weight of only 30lb, you can transport your board everywhere you go. For more information contact us.

Regarding air transportation:

Airlines do not like fuel in their luggage, and it could happen that they might refuse to carry your Jetsurf board. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to wash the fuel tank completely before the flight. Wash the tank with water and detergent. Repeat the wash as long as you can still smell the gasoline fuel tank. Before the airline also checks the tube of excessive pressure (blue tube coming out the fuel tank to the snorkel at the tip of the board), there may be traces of fuel there. If there is any traces of fuel in the tube, wash this tube.

It is important to keep in mind how airlines handle luggage. Despite its solidity, carbon remains a fairly fragile material and therefore is not enough to pack the board in the original Jetsurf bag, it is highly recommended to add other layers of protection.

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