Are you ready for fun?

Ultra Sport

Born for fun!

The Ultra Sport was designed for beginners, but we recommend it for everyone, it is perfect for families and members of the JetClub.


Born for thrill!

The flagship of the fleet, the GP100 comes with incredible power for all water conditions.

Pro Race

Born for race

The ProRace series was developed alongside world-renowned surfers and racing champions in order to produce a line suited for competitions and big waves.

Race Titanium

Born for race

Those with a thirst for competition will be able to compare their skills with other jetsurfers in a battle between rider and machine.

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Official Lifejacket

Official Lifejacket for impact with lumbar support.

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It combines the protection of an integral helmet with little weight, high ventilation and comfort.

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*USD Prices

ResTube Sport

RESTUBE is your security system for all kinds of activities around the water.

$150.00Read more

*USD Prices

Bomber floating Eyewear

We know everyone has their favorite pricey sunglasses from some hot designer brand. We are not here to replace those favorites.

$60.00Read more

*USD Prices

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